Aviation Museum

Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum

Spruce Goose, rv parkThe world famous “Spruce Goose” is adjacent to Olde Stone Village in the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. The museum consists of three facilities—the Aviation Museum, the IMAX Theater and the Space Museum. Hundreds of aircraft and spacecraft are on display daily at this breathtaking historical facility.

Wings and Wave WaterparkThe Wings & Waves Water Park opened the Summer of 2011 and features a retired 747 airplane placed above the building. Visitors are able to waterslide down the emergency exits, through the roof of the building and into a water park pool below. The water park boasts a wave pool, play areas, waterslides and interactive exhibits.

Go to the Evergreen museum website at www.sprucegoose.org for information on exhibits, activities and the IMAX schedule.